Magnetic therapy can be used to help treat muscle cramps.

Magnetic Therapy for Muscle Cramps

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

We have all experienced the sudden, sharp pain of getting a severe muscle cramp. Nearly everyone has woken up from a stabbing pain in the calf from time-to-time. Muscle cramps often disappear quickly, but they can actually damage your muscle tissue if they are strong enough, or repeat regularly.

Most often, muscle cramps are the result of a muscle being either injured or overused. However, these painful occurrences can also happen as a result of being dehydrated, cold, or suffering from various mineral deficiencies (like potassium). Certain individuals may suffer from chronic or recurring muscle cramps because of specific medical problems, including kidney disease and multiple sclerosis.

Muscle cramps occur when their is a spontaneous, severe contraction of the muscle tissue. They regularly occur in the leg muscles, but can happen to any muscle in the body. For most people, cramps occur briefly and are able to be handled without too much discomfort. For some individuals, however, muscle cramps are a severe issue that negatively impacts their functionality and quality of life to a significant degree.

Many basic treatments for muscle cramps are adequate most of the time. Stretching one’s muscles, soaking in a warm tub, applying heat, or using over the counter medications, like Tylenol or Motrin work fine for most people to minimize muscle cramping and its effects.

However, many people have also found that they are able to effectively treat muscle cramps using magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy products, such as magnetic wraps and braces, produce a healing magnetic field that improves circulation and decreases tension in muscle fibers.

Using Magnetic Therapy to Treat Muscle Cramps

The process for treating muscle cramps using magnetic therapy is much like using magnetic therapy to treat pain. The biomagnetic therapy product or device should be placed over the area where muscle cramps occur. The magnets located in the device should be pressed as closely as possible against the area to be treated. This allows the healing magnetic field to be able to fully penetrate the tissues for maximum effect. Many magnetic products can be attached using belts or straps that affix the magnets over the muscles that need treatment.

There are many types and styles of magnetic treatment products that can be obtained. However, they all function according to the same magnetic healing principles, and their use will generally be very similar. Be sure that the product you use is both comfortable and is able to remain fixed in place over the area to be treated.

As a general rule, more powerful magnetic fields will translate to a higher likelihood of experiencing positive effects from magnetic healing. Stronger magnets are able to penetrate deeper into damaged tissues, promoting more healing. Therefore, you should purchase magnetic devices that have a higher Gauss measurement. “Gauss” indicates the strength of a magnetic field. The strongest magnets that are used in magnetic therapy products are neodymium magnets. These are very powerful magnets, however, and other types of magnets are often sufficient for healing uses.

Various types of magnetic healing products which you can find include braces, supports, and wraps. These devices often have a number of magnets contained inside them. Depending on the location of the muscle, any of these products could potentially be useful for helping to reduce the occurrence of muscle cramping.

Everybody’s specific results while using magnetic healing products can vary significantly. Some individuals are known to be much more responsive to magnetic therapy than others. Some individuals have reported improvements in their condition after using magnetic products only a short time. Other people have reported that it took a bit longer to experience measurable improvement.

Others have reported to have received no observed benefits from using magnetic therapy. If you start using magnetic therapy products and notice no improvement after several days, you may want to try adjusting the location and fit of your magnetic device. You may have to make several modifications before finding a specific setup that works for you. Negative side effects from using magnets have been rarely reported. However, some people have experienced temporary skin irritation around the area of treatment.


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